Bitcoin Consumes Surplus Wind Energy

Bitcoin Consumes Surplus Wind Energy

Bitcoin Consumes Surplus Wind EnergyBitcoin Consumes Surplus Wind EnergyBitcoin Consumes Surplus Wind Energy

Turn your curtailed wind power into profits.


How to turn surplus wind power into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the biggest and most dominant cryptocurrency with the most liquid market. Bitcoin mining is the process of verifying transactions that take place on the blockchain ledger.

Bitcoin mining hardware is comprised of specialized computers called asics with processing chips that have the sole job of verifying Bitcoin transactions. When the asic miners verify the transactions in a given Bitcoin block they are paid a small reward. Bitcoin releases blocks every 10 minutes 24/7.

This 24/7 Bitcoin mining is creating new opportunities for profit and monetization that the majority of energy producers are not aware of. Bitcoin mining is completely portable, scalable, and interruptible.

A Bitcoin mining operation can be profitable at any size because it has the ability to monetize energy that would otherwise go to waste.

Get in touch today and let us know how much curtailed renewable or gas flared surplus you have available and we can provide a custom proposal for your energy production site to incorporate Bitcoin mining.

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